We Offer a Wide Range Of Calorimeters, Thermal conductivity Apparatus, Latent Heat of Steam, Metal & Wood Cubes , Convection in Air and water, Expansion of Metal & Liquids, Ring Ball, Bar Gauge, Boyle's Law and Charles Law etc.Spectrometers, Spectroscopes, Traveling Microscopes, Telescopes, Binoculars, Overhead Projectors, Epidiascope, Optical Benches, Light Boxes, Ray Track Apparatus, and Lenses & Prisms made of glass as well as acrylic plastic, Optical Fiber Kits, Laser Kits, Lox Meters, Spectrum Tubes, X-Ray Tubes & Guesser Tubes etc.

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Physics Lab Equipments - Physics Instruments India, Physics Instruments Exporters, Physics Instruments Suppliers. Physics Instruments Manufacturers Ambala.

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Chemistry Lab Equipments - Chemistry Instruments India, Instruments Exporters, Chemistry Instruments Suppliers. Chemistry Instruments Manufacturers Ambala.

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Evaluation of antifungal activity of different homoeopathic mother tinctures against Candida albicans Heat Fixed but Unstained Slide Smears are Infectious to laboratory Staff International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research International Journal of Entomology Research Journa Entomology and Zoology Studies CdSe quantum dot-dispersed DOBAMBC: an electro-Optical study Materials and Methods Morpho-anatomical Observations on Homoeopathic Plant DrugHygrophila spinosa T. Anderson New Laboratory Diagnostic Tools for Tuberculosis Control Performance Evaluation of CVD Multilayer Coating On tool Wear Characteristics during Dry Machining Silver Nanoparticles Dispersed In Nematic Liquid Crystal: An Impact on Dielectric and Electro Optical Parameters Transmuting the Blue Fluorescence of Hekates Mesogensderived Cuins2/Zns QD-Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Mixtures for Faster Electro-Optical Devices and Their Energy Storage Aspects OsARD4 encoding an acireductone dioxygenase improves root architecture in rice by promoting development of secondary roots Measurement of Multiple Cardiac Performance End points in Daphnia and Zebrafish by Kymograph A Reliable and Consistent Method to Quantify Percent Lethality and Life Span in Drosophila melanogaste Effect of Acute Exposure of Belladonna Mother Tincture on Zebrafish Embryonic Development Enhancement of Bioavailability of Valsartan Through Nanocrystal Formulation Methodology and Instrumentation Phenylhydrazine hydrochloride induced dose dependent embryo cytotoxicity in zebrafish Safety Evaluation of Syzygium jambolanum on the Development of Zebrafish Embryos Tinospora merrilliana (Menispermaceae): an addition to the flora of India Biology Lab Equipments - Biology Instruments India, Biology Instruments Exporters, Biology Instruments Suppliers. Biology Instruments Manufacturers Ambala.

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